Traveldreamfairy - Vienna Spring 2019 - Lifestyle - Cherry Magnolia Blossom

Every season has its own beauty. But there is nothing like the start of Spring when it’s cherry blossom and magnolia blossom season in Vienna.

Pink and white sprinkles across the city transform Vienna’s parks and streets into a colorful photographer’s playground.
Normal places that wouldn’t attract any visitors, turn into instagrammable spots during this time.

Here you find list of all my favorite places where I took my magnolia and cherry blossom pictures that you see on my Instagram page.

Setagaya Park

What comes first to your mind when you hear cherry blossom? Sakura in Japan right? But there’s no need to board an airplane for such an experience. The beautiful Setagaya Park brings a touch of Japanese landscapes to Vienna.

Traveldreamfairy - Vienna Spring 2019 - Lifestyle - Cherry Magnolia Blossom

If you’re a magnolia lover, then this Japanese garden is the place for you. I could spot three different sorts of magnolia – the light-rosy tulip magnolia, a darker pink version and a white star magnolia.

Hainburger Weg

Never heard of it before? Well, it’s not in any tourist guide. Unless it’s cherry blossom season, there’s not a lot to see there.

This residential area got famous for an alley where cherry trees form pink blooming tunnels. If you stand underneath and look up, you almost can’t see the sky behind all the pink cherry blossoms.

Take the metro and get off at the station Schlachthausgasse. Once you exit the station you’ll already be greeted by lots of pink cherry blossoms. In case you don’t, you probably have to take the other exit.


In front of Stadtgartendirektion at Johannesgasse you’ll find Vienna’s biggest magnolia tree.

Throughout the park, you can spot several cherry blossom trees. The most photographed one is at the North end next to the bridge. It even has its own pin on Google Maps, search for Vienna Stadtpark Sakura. The tree is packed with cherry blossoms and hard to miss. Look for the crowds of people taking pictures ;)


Let me introduce you to Vienna’s most instagrammed magnolia tree. One of the reasons for its popularity is that its blossoms hang low. So you can take your picture with the magnolias without having to use some weird angles from below. Plus the Votive Church serves as a pretty backdrop.

But these aren’t the only interesting blossoms at this spot. You’ll also find cherry blossoms and forsythias in the park and along the sidewalk around it.

Traveldreamfairy - Vienna Spring 2019 - Lifestyle - Cherry Magnolia Blossom Votivkirche


A new cherry blossom spot that I discovered a few days ago and haven’t seen on any blogs or Instagram feeds yet is in front of Rupertikirche. Did you know that this one is the oldest church in Vienna? I’ve had it on my list for a while to go shooting here. When I randomly passed by, I knew it was the perfect time and seized the chance to snap a shot.


The Vienna Peace Pagoda itself is already worth the journey. It’s a bit off the city center. Combine your photoshoot here with a bike ride or a relaxed walk along the Danube.

Several cherry blossom surround the Pagoda. Those on the back where already in full bloom during our visit. There’s also one cherry tree on the side of the Pagoda facing its front that would make an amazing photo motif. It hasn’t bloomed yet, so I guess I have to come back again.

That’s it for now. As soon as I discover some new places, I’ll add them to this list.

What are your favorite places in Vienna for cherry blossom, magnolia blossom or any other blossom pictures?