During my last vacation in Marrakech I noticed once again all the advantages of a the straw hat.

This must-have summer accessory protects your head and face against the sun. Of course to be fully protected against a sunburn you’ll still need to apply sunscreen despite the hat.

If you are like me and never know what to do with your hands when posing for pictures, then a hat will help you. You can touch the brim while you wear it, hold it in your hand or maybe even throw it in the air. A hat makes you look fabulous and your travel pictures more interesting. No wonder, that straw hats are the most popular prop used by instagrammers and bloggers for their summer vacation pictures.

Finding the perfect summer hat is not that easy. At least it wasn’t for me but I also have to admit that I’m super picky. I remember scanning through lots of stores before I finally found mine.  Well, lucky you because I’ll help you save your precious time.

Here you’ll find my favorite straw hats this summer that you can shop online:

Floppy Straw Hat

Wear a floppy hat for an effortless chic look. Depending on the model, it’s possible to fold it which makes it ideal for traveling.

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Boater Hat

A clear favorite of instagrammers. Due to it’s stiff brim it will keep in shape. No need to worry about the form of the hat during the photoshoot.

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Fedora Straw Hat

Without any doubt the Fedora is the most classic hat type. I even have one made from wool for the colder season.

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Fray Edged Hat

This type of hat immediately reminds me of an exotic vacation. Perfect for anyone who wants a hat with a playful twist.

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Oversized Hat

Feeling a bit extra? This is your hat! I don’t own one of these (yet). It might not be the most convenient one, but without doubt it looks stunning on pictures. Plus the bigger the size the better the sun protection.

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