Traveldreamfairy - Food - Burger - ViennaAs a burger lover, you’ll feel lucky in Vienna. There is a huge selection of restaurants serving all kind of burgers with high quality ingredients. On the menus you’ll find everything from the classic beef patty, to chicken or vegetarian and vegan options.

I’ve already tested a few burger places in the last two years living in Vienna. Here I’ll present you my favorite ones.

Warning: this blog post contains delicious and mouth-watering content. Do not read it when you are hungry, you might feel a strong desire to grab a burger.


Crazy about burgers? You are welcome! Upon entering, a statue of a white cow will greet you with these words painted on it. Rinderwahn translates to mad cow disease in English. But don’t worry, the burgers are amazing. They’re serving the juiciest beef patties here I’ve ever had in a delicious brioche bun.

My favorite is the Toni burger accompanied by crunchy sweet potato fries and home made ice tea. Made with beef and topped with blue cheese and pear, this burger is a real taste sensation.

The interior is an interesting mix of clean and rustic featuring funny sayings on the walls. There is also outdoor seating for warmer days which is the perfect place for people watching.

Location: Weihburggasse 3, 1010 Vienna

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Funny story, this burger restaurant is so close to where we live. We had already passed by several times on our way to the Naschmarkt. But we never dared to go inside because it looks like a typical Austrian Beisl. “Beisl” is the term for a modest restaurant, with a rather negative connotation. But after recommendations of friends, we finally stepped inside and haven’t regretted it.

The interior style is rustic with lots of wood. As its name suggests the Weinschenke originates from a wine bar and up to today has a wide selection of wines.

On their menu you find creative burgers with interesting names. For me there are still some left to try yet, but my favorite so far is the Tijuana picante. It’s a beef patty in a polenta bun topped with mole (a traditional Mexican spicy chocolate sauce).
As a side dish you won’t find classic fries but thin potato chips only. But believe me, they are so crispy and delicious that even fries fans approve them.

Location: Franzensgasse 11, 1050 Vienna

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Burger Bros

“Make your hands dirty and dig in”. That is the motto of Burger Bros. So you won’t find any hardware on the tables but a bunch of napkins to clean your hands after enjoying one of their burgers.

The exact location is on the first floor of the mall Wien Mitte Mall at the food court area. Next to it, there’s a nice looking Asian restaurant and every time we come here we say that we should try it. But so far we’ve never made it past Burger Bros, it’s impossible to resist the burger temptation.
The whole location is self-service. You place your order at the counter and receive a device that notifies you when you can pick up your burger.

During our last visit we noticed that the menu changed. Before you could order every burger in different sizes. Now every burger comes in a predefined size.

Location: Wien Mitte Mall, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1B/First Floor, 1030 Vienna

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The first thing you’ll notice upon entering is the comfy and chic industrial design of this place. The first floor is a self-service area and works as explained before at Burger Bros. Upstairs on the second floor, waiters serve the tables.

What’s special about LeBurger is that they offer a buffet of home made sauces. You can get as many and as much as you want. Better take small portions and try various sauces, they are worth it.

Due to its high popularity, I’d recommend you to book a table in advance. Whenever we tried to come here without a reservation, the restaurant was full.

Location: Mariahilfer Str. 114, 1070 Vienna

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Bao Bar

You might already know this place from my Instagram stories @traveldreamfairy. I have to confess, I’m addicted. It’s located in a side street a few steps away from Mariahilferstraße, one of Vienna’s famous shopping streets. So why not grab a delicious bite here after a shopping spree?

For those who haven’t heard about bao burgers, here’s my quick explanation. A bao burger or bao bun is the delicious Asian brother of the classical American burger. The fluffy buns consist of a dough like Chinese dumplings and come with a variety of stuffing. At Bao Bar you can choose between pork belly, crunchy chicken and tofu.

Located in the middle of the room is a small open kitchen with a counter where you place your order. Along the window and wall are several bar-style seating possibilities. Due to the limited amount of seats and its popularity, it has always been full of people whenever we came here. But we were always lucky to get a place as we waited for our order to be ready. It’s also possible to get your buns for take-away.

Location: Zollergasse 2, 1070 Vienna

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I’ve decided to only write about restaurants that I have already been to and tested myself. The list might not be complete. So if you know another amazing burger place, that I should try and add, then please mention it in the comments below.