With countless Instagram and photography spots across the city, Vienna* is a photographer’s paradise.

Since I moved to Vienna in 2017, I’ve developed a passion for exploring places here in my hometown with interesting architecture or history and sharing these on my Instagram.

With this blog post I want to help you to get the best out of your Vienna pictures. I didn’t intend this to be just a list of Vienna photography spots. So I added my personal tips from a local insider’s perspective plus interesting facts about these places. Enjoy it!

1. Schönbrunn Palace

The Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most popular sights in Austria and is a top must-see in Vienna. Explore the royal rooms during a tour* or wander around the gardens. This place will give you princess moments, you can feel the imperial touch there.

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime treat, then book a night at Schönbrunn Palace*. Yes you read that right, there is an exclusive suite inside the palace where you can live like a royal and will have the palace all by yourself after opening hours. This has got the be the most exclusive place to stay in Vienna, dreams come true here.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: Don’t miss out on visiting the Gloriette. It sits on top of a small hill with a gorgeous view over the palace with the city in the background.

2. Vienna State Opera

Oh the beautiful opera! No Vienna visit is complete without snapping at least one picture here. The opera is an equally popular photo spot for locals as well as tourists. Whenever I come here I always try to find a different perspective and discover new details of this wonderful building.

One thing that’s still on my Vienna bucket list is to see the opera from the inside. To do so you can join a guided tour to get a look behind the scenes. Or you can marvel at the interior while you listen to a show.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: The best place to take a selfie with the opera isn’t in front of it but behind it. Go up to Albertinaplatz and you will find a public terrace with the best view of the Opera.

3. Belvedere Palace

If one palace is not enough for you, then I want to show you my favorite in Vienna: the Belvedere Palace. I love the elegant white facade, the turquoise roof and the whole garden. When can I move in?

In former days Prince Eugene used the Belvedere Palace as his summer house. Today it is a museum with a great collection of art, including Klimt’s famous painting “The Kiss”

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: During winter there is a cute little Christmas market in front of the Upper Belvedere. Christmas lights in the form of stars decorate the pond in front of it. Now imagine these lights combined with the majestic illuminated castle in the background and a reflection of these whole view in the water – it’s magical.

4. Karlskirche

Ever since I’ve seen the Karlskirche (Charles Church) for the first time it has got me fascinated. With is architectural mix of Roman, Greek and Baroque style elements, it looks so unique.

During the 18th century Vienna suffered from the last great outbreak of the Black Plague. To give thanks after it has passed, the Roman Emperor Charles VI commissioned to build Karlskirche.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip:In front of the church lies a square named Karlsplatz. It’s a popular spot to hang out and soak up the sun. If you are looking to avoid people in your pictures, then it’s best to come here during the cold season.

5. Rathaus

Whenever I post a picture of Vienna’s town hall on my Instagram, I always receive at least one comment comment like “what a beautiful castle!”.
Actually it’s the seat of the mayor and the city council of Vienna and was the most expensive of all the monumental buildings established along the Ringstraße at the end of the nineteenth century.

It’s not the easiest spot for taking a picture. Why? Because throughout the year several festivals take place on the square in front of it. Most of the time this place is filled with stalls or construction is going on.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: Want to know the ultimate trick to get a guaranteed shot at the empty square? There are webcams on the tower of the city council as well as on the roof of the Burgtheater which is located on the opposite side. With these webcams you can always check if there’s currently construction going on or an event in place.

6. Volksgarten

This beautiful park is a blooming oasis in Vienna’s city center. It was built over the city fortifications that Napoleon destroyed in 1809 and is part of the Hofburg Palace.

At its center you’ll find the shining white Theseus Temple which is a replica of a Greek temple.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: It’s a must-visit in May when the rose garden blooms and over 3000 rose bushes cover the Volksgarten with a sweet floral scent.

7. Natural and Art History Museums

The exterior of the Natural and Art History Museums of Vienna are equally interesting as their exhibitions. Since I visited
the Art History Museum as a teenager, it’s my favorite museum in Vienna because of the Egyptian Collection.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: Check the Natural History Museum’s monthly program for a guided walk through the museum up to the rooftop terrace with an unforgettable view of Vienna.

8. Votivkirche

The Votivkirche (Votive Church) is the second biggest church in Vienna. On sunny days, many young people hang around the park in front of it as the University of Vienna is close by.

In 1853 the Emperor Franz became victim of an assassination attempt but survived. To thank God for saving him, his brother Maximilian ordered to build this church at the site of the attack.

The inauguration took place on the silver wedding anniversary of the Emperor Franz and his wife Empress Elisabeth know as Sissi in 1879.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: Find Vienna’s most photographed Magnolia tree in the park in front of Votivkirche. It’s easy to spot it by the masses of people surrounding it. Don’t be fooled by pictures. The tree is small but by getting the right perspective you can make it look impressive in your pictures.

9. Stadtpark

The Stadtpark was opened in 1862 as Vienna’s first public park. It has more monuments and sculptures than any other park in the city. The most famous one is the golden Johann Strauss memorial.

With a size of approx. 65.000 m² the Vienna Stadtpark is the biggest park area in the city center. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in the sun here.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: Fall is my favorite season to come here. The foliage on the side of the walkway along the river adds vibrant reds to your photos.

10. Franz-von-Assissi Kirche

A bit off the city center you will find this beautiful church close to the Danube. It looks like a fairytale castle with its cute towers and roof.
It’s located at Mexikoplatz which got its name as Mexico was the only country of the League of Nations that protested against the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938.

Traveldreamfairy’s tip: Take the stairs up to Reichsbrücke for the best view of this architectural gem.

Vienna Photography and Instagram Spots Map

Have you ever been to Vienna? What is your favorite place?

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